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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

We hope that entrepreneurs will always maintain a positive, optimistic, pioneering, and innovative spirit when facing difficulties and challenges, and be good at capturing and creating opportunities from crises to achieve better development. As the host of the summit, we will strive to build a high-level platform for global entrepreneurs to collide, exchange and learn from each other. We sincerely welcome global entrepreneurial elites to come to Beijing for business development.

—Mayor of Beijing

Chen Jining


HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition is designed to cooperate with top-notch international investment agencies, enterprises, media, universities and other institutions in the world to build and continuously improve a "full-chain" entrepreneurship ecosystem and to motivate the entrepreneurs daring to look into the future to reshape the world.

HICOOL is a comprehensive platform that consists of 6 brands, and we aim to build an innovative business ecosystem for entrepreneurs and startups worldwide. Dedicated to fostering an entrepreneurial model of multi-dimensions and internationalization, HICOOL provides all-round local services such as resident permit/hukou registration (Chinese household registration), children's education, health insurance, designated housing, etc.

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