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GBA Softlanding Program

The GBA Soft-landing Promotion Plan aims to help top-tier startup companies and entrepreneurs with global market aspirations from Mainland China to soft-land in Hong Kong and expand overseas.

This program is co-organized by TusStar (HK) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP). Successful applicants will be matched with HKSTP's incubation program and TusPark's services, and enjoy practical support including financial support, talent policy, technology construction, market exploration and business development, etc.

Soft-land Package

Projects eventually selected will enjoy:

  • Financial support

Finalists selected for incubation in HKSTP will receive financial support of up to HK$1.29 million (cash + reimbursement) from HKSTP to cover the applicants' technology and business development expenses.

  • Government Subsidy Support

In addition to the financial support from the Incubation Programme, selected projects can apply for a series of Hong Kong Government subsidies of up to tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars covering various funds for talent, technology, exhibitions, cross-border development, etc. on a project basis for technology innovation.

  • Technical Support

Projects will be provided with world-class equipment, software and laboratory facilities, supported by a dedicated team of engineers and experts.

  • Business Support

Regular matching with rich mentors, industry experts, strategic partners and investors; long-term access to training, professional services and talent support; access to market exposure through trade missions or exhibitions, product launches, press releases and media interviews.

  • TusPark Accelerate Services

Business Support: The project will have access to TusPark's development network, be able to explore the order procurement opportunities.

Financing support: TusPark Hong Kong will provide overseas financing consultation.

Market expansion support: Leveraging Hong Kong to expand into the European, American and Southeast Asian markets, TusPark Hong Kong will use the global network to create global development channels for projects.

Government funding matching: TusPark Hong Kong will provide consultation and application services for government subsidies for projects.

We are looking for

Startups whose products or technologies are ready to go abroad are invited to join the program, and of course, early stage research teams who themselves aspire to overseas markets are also welcome.

Mandatory requirements for companies: There is no restriction on the number of years of establishment for participating companies, but they must meet the eligibility criteria of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (if the company is already established in Hong Kong, it must meet the requirements that the Hong Kong company has been established for no more than 5 years, the founding team owns 51% or more of the shares, must recruit at least two employees, and 50% or more of the full-time staff must be engaged in R&D work). The project must be engaged in R&D activities in Hong Kong, not purely sales and marketing offices.

Founders are required to: not currently or previously participating in incubation programs offered by HKSTP or Cyberport; or have only participated in any of the above programs once in the past. In other words, this application is the founder's second attempt to participate in this program. Applicant's activities must be technology-related, such as electronics, information and communications technology, materials and precision engineering, or green technology.

Application Materials: Applicants for this program are required to fill out an application form and submit other required documents, including basic start-up information, business plan, etc.

If you are interested, scan the QR code and enrol right now!

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