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GBA Innovation Summit 2022


GBA Innovation Summit is one of the core events of the StartmeupHK Festival in 2022. It aims to provide a glimpse of the unleashed potentials and developments in GBA; enable innovators, business partners, governments and all other stakeholders to connect with each other, collide ideas and create possibilities hand-in-hand.

The StartmeupHK Festival (SMUHK) is a full week festival initiated and supported by InvestHK and running since 2016 which aims to bring together best technology and innovation to the festival.

Program agenda

2022.09 Coming Soon !

  • Main stage

Top guests closely focus on ESG development theme and discuss GBA development opportunities.

  • Business matching

Pre-matching creates high-value, efficient business opportunities for Startups with Corporations and Institutions.

  • Parallel forum

Guanzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan.

  • Virtual booth

Effectively connect to the attendees with the real-time interactions functions. Maximize brand exposure by displaying your company‘s logo, product/service videos, and digital collateral.

  • Startups pitching

An immersive tech startup pitching session featuring some selected startups and the latest tech trends, helping startups go to market and match investors.

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