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Global Matching 2020

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Welcome to Global Matching 2020

Our inaugural one-on-one business and investment matching event for 2020. Hosted by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), under Global Accelerator Academy (GAA) and HKSTP Investment Platform, it offers the fastest track for industry corporates of 8 industry verticals and investors to match with over 160 global tech ventures and source the best fit market-proven solutions and valuable portfolios.

With an aim to facilitate seamless technology adoption, investment opportunities and business expansion around the globe, we have planned an action-packed event programmes, including plenary sharing, pitching, and matching sessions. The event will go “Live Everywhere” with a myriad of engaging online activities.


30mins BUSINESS & INVESTMENT MATCHING More Details One-on-one matching with Industry Corporates from 8 Industry Verticals and Investors through video conference

2mins TECH VENTURE PITCHING Hybrid channel with prerecorded or on-stage sales pitch for Tech Ventures to engage more target stakeholders

24x7 ONLINE SCHEDULING Allow your target customers and investors to click and mark your schedule through designated online platform

LIVE │ VOD ONLINE PLENARY & SHARING SESSIONS Speakers from Industry Corporates and Investors to share their global insight on innovations co-creation and pre-matching tips for Tech Ventures


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